Frequently Asked Questions


How was aquama® born?

aquama® is a Swiss cleantech company that develops hydrolysed disinfectant solutions and originated due to the awareness of its founder, Willy Pomathios. At the birth his son, he wanted to help build a better world, make a gift for future generations. What are the deep-down origins of aquama®? Find out more about the founder's vision.

aquama® is always on the quest for new ecological and economical innovative solutions in the field of cleaning or disinfecting technologies. Our dynamic team is open to all new developments in this specific sector. In case you have any innovations to share, feel free to get in touch! info@aquama.ch


What is in fact the aquama® Indigo® solution?

aquama® Indigo® is one of our innovative creations that combines the best of the two indispensable dimensions of cleaning: detergent and disinfectant in one.


The aquama® solution


How are aquama® solutions produced?

The production secret of aquama® is hydrolysis which is performed by electrifying a mixture of water and salt. The properties of these two elements are thus modified to obtain a combined detergent and disinfectant solution, eco-friendly and stable for up to six months, all depending on the type of machine used for production.


What exactly is the Indigo® solution composed of?

Like all aquama® products, the Indigo® solution consists of water (H2O) and salt (NaCl). The hydrolysis process creates an active solution, a mix of the following molecules: NaOCl, HOCl and NaOH. We thus produce a detergent solution with a «pH» (power of hydrogen) of 9.5 and with NaOCl being the predominant molecule mentioned on our labels. Validated by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), this molecule is active against bacteria and viruses alike.


Are aquama® solutions eco-friendly ?

Through its hydrolysis process, which consists of electrifying water and salt, aquama® produces natural cleaning solutions that have detergent and disinfectant properties alike. After a certain amount of time, the elements turn back again into simple water, oxygen, and salt. This is the universal principle called «cradle to cradle», according to Lavoisier's famous formula «Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed».


What exactly is an active solution?

An active solution is a biodegradable solution: due to its activity, its stability is temporary. After a certain amount of time (from three to six months) the Indigo® solution reverts to its original state: water and salt.

Passive solutions, on the other hand, are extremely stable over time. They are therefore not part of the biodegradable solution family.


Is the solution directly sold by the litre?

Yes, our solutions can be bought directly by the litre in all partner shops that make our self-service machines accessible to the public. All you need to do is take your reusable spray bottle with you and refill on site. To find out where your nearest refill POS are located, just download our app! You can also refill your spray bottles directly at work in case your company has an aquama® machine.

You never tried aquama® before? Go to our online shop to get your revelation pack today!


1. Efficiency


How can one really be sure that aquama® Indigo® is an efficient detergent?

By spraying your aquama® solution on cooking oil (olive or other), you will be able to instantly see the dislocation of fat molecules. Just swipe with blue microfiber, and your surface will be clean and shiny.

In your kitchen, on your vitroceramics, your worktops, your floors, your hoods and all surfaces to be degreased (even your barbecue) aquama® Indigo® is extremely effective. You can also use it on your carpets or as a 100% eco-friendly stain remover


What proves that aquama® Indigo® is a truly efficient disinfectant?

aquama® Indigo® is approved by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (cf. chapter Virucide and Bactericide) and complies with all Swiss and European disinfection standards.


Does the Indigo® solution contain any chlorine?

Chlorine is naturally present in the Indigo® solution in different forms: NaOCl and HOCl. This is due to its composition because chlorine is naturally present in salt (NaCl).


Is chlorine not dangerous?

Chlorine is not on the list of products deemed hazardous by Swiss authorities and can therefore be considered as harmless to your health. Moreover, it is naturally present in salt and even in the sea and oceans where a whole living ecosystem thrives and develops perfectly well since the age of times.


Is aquama® Indigo® not a health hazard on the long run?

Perfectly safe, the aquama® Indigo® solution contains no allergens, no chloramine, nor any endocrine disruptors (tests done at 200ppm).


Some people feel the aquama® Indigo® solution smells a little like swimming pool water. How can that be explained?

Pool detergents contain chlorine (Cl2) which can indeed be harmful in its undiluted state, but it turns into HOCl and HCl when it gets into contact with water. Some of the HOCl is to be found in the aquama® Indigo® solution, hence the slight chlorine smell. But in home-made aquama® cleaning solutions, its concentration is minute and totally harmless.


The aquama® Indigo® solution has a slight bleachy smell. How can that be?

Bleach being composed of ClO- and NaOCl as a passive solution, it is a distant cousin of the aquama® Indigo® active solution. But the properties of both are completely different. Bleach is not biodegradable and has a much higher concentration of cleansing agents (from five to ten times more) to achieve the same level of effectiveness as your home-made aquama® solution. In fact, it is this high concentration of detergent agents that is harmful to your health, unlike the aquama® solutions you make at home.


What is the advantage of the aquama® solution over bleach?

Bleach only has a disinfectant action. The aquama® solution, on the other hand, is both detergent and disinfectant: it is a complete and effective maintenance solution. In addition to disinfecting and degreasing, it kills bacteria and viruses, as certified by the standards obtained by aquama®: EN11276, EN13697, EN14476 and EN14476+A2.


What is so good about the aquama® solution compared to white vinegar?

White vinegar due to its acidic pH can have a corrosive effect on certain porous surfaces. However, the aquama® solution is much less acidic and therefore non-corrosive because its pH-value lies between 8.5 and 10.5 (whereas the pH of human hands is generally measured to be between 7 and 9). Unlike the aquama® solution, white vinegar is not covered by European standards EN1276, EN1650, EN13697, EN14476 and EN14476+A2. The only disadvantage of the aquama® solution is that it does not descale. You will find a comprehensive comparison on this page. Have a look!. 


How long does the aquama® solution stay effective?

The aquama® Freedom® Pure and Freedom S® machines produce cleaning solutions that will stay stable during seven days’ time. What is more, you can activate them in just a few minutes up to five more times.

Producing a virucidal solution will in fact depend on the type of machine you are using: if made with the Freedom® Pure, the solution will remain stable for three days’ time, whereas with the Freedom S®, it will be stable for up to 24 hours only.

If you have one of our professional machines however, your solutions will stay active for up to six months.

The solutions sold in our discovery kits are produced with our professional machines and are therefore stable during six months’ time in the classic cleansing version. Regarding the virucide version, solutions produced with professional machines will remain active for up to two months.


2. Compatible surfaces 


On what kind of surfaces can one use the aquama® Indigo® solution?

Kitchens, sanitary facilities, floors, refrigerators, door handles, lifts, children's toys, etc.

All water-compatible surfaces can be cleaned with aquama® Indigo®: you can use it whenever you need to disinfect and/or clean a surface at home or at work. It is as well effective against bad smells. However, aquama® is not suitable as an anti-limescale product.

The aquama® Indigo® solution replaces up to 80% of your conventional household detergents.


Will aquama® not damage my household surfaces on the long run?

The aquama® solution is friendly to all and any water-compatible surfaces. If you still have doubts about that, then be our guest and try it out. Test aquama® by first spraying a little bit on a small dirty surface that needs cleaning. Then wipe it off with a microfiber and your surface will be as clean and shiny as can be.


Is the aquama® solution effective on wooden floors?

Yes, but be careful with oiled floors: the aquama® solution has a degreasing effect that is most likely to take away all the shine.


How does one best apply aquama® on floors?

For greater effectiveness, use the aquama® solution in three steps.

Step 1: During 3 to 4 weeks, use nothing but the aquama® solution to remove the biofilm (the deposit caused by the conventional chemicals you used previously).

Step 2: During the next 3 to 4 weeks, use a diluted solution: 2/3 aquama® solution and 1/3 plain water. This will be quite effective AND thrifty at the same time.

Step 3: Your soil is now in a perfectly clean state again. During the following weeks you can dilute the cleaning solution further down to 50/50: 1 litre of the solution to 1 litre of water. For even greater effectiveness, we recommend using the aquama® solution undiluted once a month.

Please keep in mind that if kept in open air (in a bucket, for example) the solution stays active for no more than 24 hours, but for a whole week’s time if kept in a firmly closed bottle.


How does one best clean a window with aquama® Indigo®?

Either with the aquama® Indigo® solution:

- Use a diluted solution (1/3 of aquama® mixed with 2/3 of water). 
- Spray your solution directly onto your microfibre.

Or with an aquama® virucide solution:

- Spray the solution directly onto the glass surface.
- Scrub with a microfiber moistened in warm water and wipe dry with a scraper between each stroke.

Save money by diluting your cleaning solution!


Is aquama® Indigo® suitable for washing clothes?

Yes, but only if the solution you use is below 1000ppm.

This solution will disinfect and bleach your household textiles, clothes, and other fabrics.

For disinfecting coloured clothes and fabrics, the concentration of the disinfectant solution should however not exceed 200mg per litre.

Pay attention to never use aquama® on silk fabrics.

In case of doubt, we recommend that you first test the solution on a small, non-visible part of the clothing.


Can one use aquama® as dish-washer detergent?

The aquama® solution is not a substitute for dishwasher tablets. However, spraying the solution onto your dishes before starting your machine will disinfect them (in addition to the cleaning effect of the tablet). You can also use aquama® on your dishes when you wash them by hand. Its degreasing power makes it a particularly effective solution for giving your dishes a nice shiny glow.


Is aquama® fit for cleaning clothes in the washing machine?

No, aquama® is not a substitute for washing powder. The water used by the washing machine would dilute the solution too much for it to be effective.


3. Virucide and Bactericide


On which viruses and bacteria is the aquama® Indigo® solution proven to be effective?

All types of micro-organisms such as candida albicans, staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, poliovirus, adenovirus, and coronavirus are all eliminated by aquama® Indigo®. The solution is bactericidal according to EN1276 and EN13697 and fungicidal according to EN1650. It is also virucidal according to EN14476* and EN14476+A2* (for hands) and standardised for hand disinfection by friction according to EN1500*.

*standards feasible by some machines


How long does the solution take to kill bacteria and viruses?

All depends on the power of the solution type that you produced. For further information, kindly get in touch with our customer service: info@aquama.ch.


The application

How can the app help me refill my aquama® spray bottle?

Simply go to this page and follow the steps indicated.


Can I buy aquama® solutions by the litre?

Yes, of course! Buy or fill your reusable spray bottles at our partner shops currently in three cantons in Switzerland (Vaud, Valais and Geneva). For further information, kindly get in touch with our customer service! info@aquama.ch

What must I do to purchase an aquama® machine?

You can get one online in our e-shop or by contacting our sales department: sales@aquama.ch.


How many different types of aquama® machines are there?

We have designed four series of aquama® machines and eleven different models to suit every need and use. Our professional machines, for example, are built to last a real long time. We have paid particular attention to their design and proportions for them to be compact: our latest series measures 80cm x 100cm only.


Does aquama® make portable machine models suitable for home use?

Yes, with the Freedom® Pure and Freedom S® you can make aquama® solutions yourself at home. You can also take them with you to your office to disinfect your workplace, for example.

We have several different types of salts that allow you to obtain precise solutions adapted to your specific needs (detergents, disinfectants).


Using the Freedom® Pure machine model


How do I best use my Freedom® Pure machine?

Step 1 : Fill your container with tap water.

Step 2 : Use the spoon provided to add one spoonful of aquama® salt Indigo®.

Step 3 : Mix well.

Step 4 : Start the hydrolysis activation process by pressing the button. Choose the «low» or «high» mode according to the disinfection power you need.

The solution is ready as soon as the machine beeps. Reactivate your solution, without adding any salt, after seven days.

To obtain the virucidal version of the solution, follow the following specific virucidal protocol.


How do I best maintenance my Freedom® Pure machine?

By simply cleaning the inside of the machine with a warm, damp microfiber. Be careful to not touch the electrodes inside. If there are any limescale deposits, apply a mixture of 50% water and 50% food-grade anti-limescale (for example white vinegar) without switching on the machine and thus remove the excess calcium and magnesium present inside the module.

For more information on the maintenance of your machine, please refer to page 9 of your user manual.


My Freedom® Pure machine is down… What must I do to trouble-shoot it?

First check the following:

- Did you use the right amount of salt? (2g for 1 litre, 1g for half a litre)
- Did you mix the solution well before activating the hydrolysis process?
- Did you check that there was no solution residue in the jug?
- Is your Freedom® Pure properly connected?
- Isn't there too much limescale inside your jug?

If the problem does not disappear once you checked out everything, kindly contact our customer service: info@aquama.ch.


What is the difference between the «high» and «low» mode?

The «low» mode (one pulse) is to be used if you want to clean a surface that requires a low level of disinfection. Its activation time is 3 minutes. The «high» mode (two pulses) allows you to make a solution with a higher degree of disinfection. Its activation time is 5 minutes.


Can I use table salt to produce my cleaning solution?

The salt used to produce the aquama® Indigo® solution is the specific Indigo® salt which is a chemically pure (non-food) refined salt. If you use table salt in your machine, aquama® cannot warrant that the cleaning solutions you make at home are as effective as they should normally be. Cleaning solutions made with simple table salt have proven to be less effective and do not achieve the same high-level standards as those produced with the specific aquama® salt types. Please bear in mind that machines operated with any other kind of salts than those made by aquama® are not covered by the contract warranty.


How long is the warranty period of my Freedom® Pure machine?

If you follow the user manual correctly, the warranty period for your aquama® Freedom® Pure is two years. Please note that problems resulting from improper handling by the user or failure to follow the technical instructions will not allow you to benefit from full warranty conditions.


Using the Freedom S® machine model

What is so new about the Freedom S® machine model?

The Freedom S® is a portable device with a built-in spray. It allows you to make aquama® Indigo® solution anywhere, anytime in only 3 minutes. It is easy to use, has one single button only, a USB power port and supply cable (you can even reload it inside your car!) as well as a continuous spraying mode which works even if the bottle is held upside down.


How long does the Freedom S® need to be fully loaded?

The very first full loading procedure takes up to 4 hours’ time and subsequent reloading from 2 to 3 hours.


How much autonomy does the Freedom S® have?

Once fully loaded, it can be used more than 10 times, 3 minutes at a time.


How do I make an aquama® Indigo® solution with my Freedom S®?

Step 1: Unscrew the spray head. 

Step 2: Pour in 200ml of tap water.

Step 3: Use the spoon provided to put in a spoonful of aquama® Indigo® salt.

Step 4: Close the spray head again. Shake 4 to 5 times to dissolve the salt completely.

Step 5: Press the start button gently for about 3 seconds, the bottle will then glow bright blue.

Step 6: Activation starts with a «beep». You then see bubbles rising in the water. The full operation will last for about 3 minutes and at the end, the blue light switches off automatically.

Step 7: Activation stops automatically after about 3 minutes with a triple «beep» sound.


Is it possible to make a virucidal solution with the Freedom S® model?

Yes, just put 2 spoons of salt in 200ml of water and activate it 4 times in total to get a take-away virucidal solution. You can reactivate this solution every day to comply with the virucidal standards EN14476 and EN14476+A2.

The specific virucidal protocol is here for you to download.


How long will a solution made with the Freedom S® machine remain stable?

You can reactivate the normal disinfecting solution either once a week, or else once a day in case you want a virucidal solution (no need to add any salt for that). But bear in mind to use up the virucidal solution on a short term, because the disinfectant rate quickly decreases under the effect of sun rays and rising temperatures. In case you keep it for longer periods of time without activating it daily, the standards will not be complied with. Unused surplus disinfectant solutions can be safely disposed of in the sink without any environmental hazards at all.


Is my Freedom S® model warranted?

Yes, the Freedom S® aquama® fully complies with the legal warranty conditions applicable in each country this model is sold in. Please bear in mind that you can only benefit from full warranty by following the precautions as set forth in the user guide.


What does the blue light on my Freedom S® mean?

The blue LED indicates that your machine is running. If it is low, it means that the battery is not connected to a power supply.


What does the red light on my Freedom S® mean?

The red LED indicates that the device is being reloaded. When the battery load is below 25%, the red LED will light up or flash, which means that the device's battery is low and needs to be reloaded.


What does the green light on my Freedom S® mean?

The green LED light indicates that reloading is complete. You can now unplug your machine and use it again normally.


How do I reload my Freedom S® machine?

To reload your Freedom S®, simply use the supplied USB cable to connect it to a USB port. Alternatively, you can also use a mains charger to connect it to an electric outlet.


How do I clean my Freedom S®?

Cleaning your Freedom S® is quite simple. You first clean the main part of the bottle that you can remove, directly with a microfiber and plain tap water. Never pour water over 40°C into the spray bottle, as this would damage the electrolysis components. Use white vinegar regularly to descale the bottle as soon as a white film appears on the membrane. Be careful to not place the spray base in water when cleaning it: this part must never get soaked in water. Furthermore, to avoid any danger, do not place the base part near a heat source or a microwave oven.


How do I best maintenance and keep my Freedom S® safe and sound?

Be sure to keep it in a dry place away from sun rays, heat, and moisture.


Professional machines

Are there any machines for professional use?

Oui, nous avons plusieurs machines qui peuvent s’adapter à vos besoins. Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus, n’hésitez pas à contacter notre service commercial à cette adresse.


Does aquama® make customized machines?

Yes, we have several machine models that can be adapted to your specific needs. If you would like to find out more, please contact our sales department at this address.


Is it possible to rent an aquama® professional machine?

We offer competitive leasing deals together with our banking partner to make it as easy as possible for you to access our technical innovations. We include complete service coverage for a period of three full years and submit to you a customized tender that will fit your specific needs. sales@aquama.ch


How many litres of solution can I produce with an aquama® machine?

It depends on the machine model you purchase and the type of solution you want to produce. Contact us for more detailed information: info@aquama.ch.


What kinds of warranty conditions are there for aquama® professional machines?

As part of your per-litre billing, we offer a minimum of three years' warranty for professional machines. In the case of a leasing contract, the warranty period can be extended to five years. Regarding the aquama® portable machine models we refer to the legal warranty conditions applicable in each country we sell to.


Where can I see aquama® machines?

Visit our showroom in Tolochenaz by taking an appointment or by downloading our app.


Why are aquama® bottles printed?

We have chosen to print the bottles to reduce the volume of our label output. So, by reusing your spray bottle, you can sustainably contribute to reduce your ecological footprint.