Falcon R® Indigo®

Falcon R® Indigo®

Introducing Falcon R® Indigo® - the revolutionary machine that allows you to produce a detergent and disinfectant solution using only water, salt, and electricity. Experience the future with our innovative solution.

Starting from 290.- CHF per month of leasing

Gift from creation

Works with the purest elements of the earth: Salt Water and Electricity

The aquama solution can be used for all these...

  • Restaurant
  • Sanitary
  • Vehicles
  • Nursery
  • Veterinary
  • Floors
And More...

The produced solution has unique properties.

Disinfectant and detergent solution all in one.

Our all-in-one solution allows you to replace 99% of your cleaning products, saving you space and money. Keep your house clean, safe and fresh.

Efficient and reliable.

Experience peace of mind with aquama. Our solution is certified by OSPF for maximum safety and effectiveness in any situation. Does not irritate skin, eyes and does not present any major risk if ingested. Plus, it won't cause any allergic reactions.

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Small office, big impact.

The Falcon R is a reliable and effective choice for small clinics and enterprises. Its compact size and 12L capacity make it an ideal tool for all of your disinfection and cleaning needs. Trust the Falcon R to consistently deliver top-quality results.

the machine has an height of 138cm and length of 47cm The machine has a width of 43cm


The Falcon R Indigo is a connected machine designed for modern urban living, easily operated through the aquama app on any smartphone.

Track your consumption and ecological impact in real time.

Simplify your sustainability efforts. Our app makes it easy to track your consumption and impact in real-time.

Track your

Track your
carbon emission.

Useable in only a few clicks.

Using the aquama app is easy. Follow those steps to locate a machine near you, select and refill.


The native Map application on your smartphone (google maps, Plan, OpenStreetMap) will open to guide you to the aquama machine of your choice.


Directly select the type of solution desired : Virucidal, bactericidal, or yeasticidal.*

* The pricing will change depending on the type of solution.


Connect your phone through the app with the machine and refill your spray.

Make sustainable profits.

Empower yourself to become the manufacturer for other clients with the Falcon R. Make incredible sustainable profits by selling the solution to your collaborators, colleagues, friends, family or strangers.

The most advanced
hydrolysis machine.

A self-cleaning machine that requires no maintenance. Our fully automated cleaning system takes the hassle out of upkeep, so you can focus on what matters most. Experience the ease of hassle-free cleaning with our advanced technology.

Powered by 2 Reactors

Produce up to 80L/hours

200 m/s update speed

Self-regulating technology

Utilize the machine to adjust the power of the solution for optimal virucidal and bactericidal performance according to industry standards.

Revolutionary self-cleaning technology

Experience the convenience of a self-cleaning machine with no maintenance required. Our fully automated system makes upkeep effortless.

Patented technology

4 Patented Breakthroughs

10 Years of research

10 Years of existence

Elevate your commitment to sustainability and pave the way for a brighter future with our innovative solutions.

Your carbon impact

After a complete life cycle assesment, From the product raw material extraction to its end of life. Accounting for manufacturing and transporation, using aquama over one year of use is the equivalent of only 300m driven by car.

Average carbon footprint of aquama vs traditional cleaning solutions

the aquama solution uses only 0.06kg CO2 versus 6.5kg of C02 per year for traditional cleaning solutions
For only 0.35 CHF per liter*

The salt is included with the machine's purchase.

*May be subject to variation depending on the established contract

Falcon R® respect these norms

The applicative system allows the machine to have up to date norms regardless of your location.


EN 13727

(15 sec | 20°C)

EN 1276

(5 min | 20°C)

EN 13697

(5 min | 20°C)

EN 1650

(5 min | 20°C)

EN 13624

(5 min | 20°C)

EN 17126

(1 min à 5 min | 20°C)


EN 1650

(5 min | 20°C)

EN 13624

(15 min | 20°C)

EN 13697

(15 min | 20°C)


EN 16777

(1 min - 5 min | 20°C)

EN 14476

(5 min (surfaces) | 20°C)

EN 14476+A2

(15 sec | 20°C)


EN 13697

(5 min | 20°C)

EN 1650

(5 min | 20°C)

EN 13624

(5 min | 20°C)


EN 17126

(1 min - 5 min | 20°C)

EN 1650

(5 min | 20°C)

EN 13624

(15 min | 20°C)

Hand Disinfection

EN 1500

(60 sec | 20°C)

EN 14476:2019-10 Coronavirus

(15 min | 20°C)

The aquama® solution is an active chlorine produced by electrolysis of sodiumchloride which can disinfect and clean floors and surfaces, obtained on site from machines.


  • Material
  • Noise emission
    < 65 dB(A)
  • Size (L x W x H) and Weight (kg)
    138 H x 47 T x 43 B, 30 kg
  • Electrical connection
    110 V/220 V, 50/60 Hz, 600W - single phase
  • Solution tank
    15 liter solution storage tank, 12L usable
  • Internal salt tank (to fill)
    10 liter salt tank
  • Production
    Between 20l and 50l/h
    (depending on the type of solution chosen)
  • Warranty
    According to the country's legislation,
    extension contract on demand
  • Country Of Manufacture
    Swiss requirement - Made in Germany
  • RFID
  • Norms
    EN 13727, EN1276, EN13697, EN 13624, EN 1650, EN 14476, EN 14476+A2, EN 13697, EN 17126, EN 1500
  • PPM
    50 ppm - 2.000 ppm
    (according to application setting)
  • Filling spray
    600 ml - 3l / min or handpump 8l / min via the app
  • Water supply
    3/4 valve with customer-side external thread
    (filter kit included in the machine as an extra)
  • Draining
    Via siphon for an 8mm diameter tube
    (see 2 outputs depending on machine model)
  • Water pressure
    min/max 3 bars machine location room
  • Water inlet temperature
    (min – max) : 5°C – 20°C
    (add a water cooler if the temperature exceeds 20°C)
  • Water quality
    Potable with max. 8°dH
Contact us: info@aquama.com

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