Falcon S

Falcon S®

The unique onsite disinfection.

solution generator made through electrified water and salt,
COVID19 certified

Natural design

Breathtaking pure.

The one-piece aluminum architecture allows a wonderfull rigidity..

Patented technology

Unprecedented power and efficiency.

Two NF reactors allowing to regulate the desired strength of the solution in order to achieve the highest virucide and bactericide standards.

Falcon S

Buy, re-sale, disinfect 
and clean, thanks to the aquama application,
managing the Falcon S® machine.

The first disinfection device available on a map.
Select the nearest aquama device on the map
and help yourself !

Falcon S

Electrified water and salt,
that’s it!

The generated solution, matching the selected option from the aquama app, is certified by the FOPH (in Switzerland) for all kind of situations
(hands, surfaces, medical environment, food, public) without any danger pictogram.

Infinite applications, one solution !

Choose a scalable solution to meet your evolving needs.