Compact atomizer

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The aquama® compact Atomizer is a liquid atomizing equipment designed for quick and easy surface disinfection. Does not wet surfaces or damage electronic components (minimum spraying distance of 1.5 metres). The aquama® compact Atomizer works with Indigo® aquama® solutions (light, normal, medium and high).

Your aquama® compact Atomizer includes:

  • 1 aquama® disinfection trolley with a mini compressor / Atomizer (4 wheels)
  • 1 spray gun with a tank of 600 ml (aquama® bottle)
  • 1 battery 20V 4A
  • 1 charger for 20V 4A battery
  • 1.5 metres spiral flexible hose with quick connectors
  • a user manual (also downloadable from our website)
  • Options: possibility of adding extensions (6 or 10 m flat hose). These hoses have quick connectors and can be put end to end to increase the working length.

aquama®: eco-responsible detergent and disinfection, based on water, salt and produced using electricity. With its anti-bacterial activity, aquama® solutions kill bacilli, salmonella, pneumonia and legionella. aquama® benefits from an alkaline pH, it turns out to be a powerful detergent, allowing you to clean greasy surfaces (non-porous).

The aquama® solution contains no endocrine disruptors*, no chloramines*, no allergens*.


The compact Atomizer is designed for the application of aquama® solutions on surfaces by spraying. It is made of high quality components and with a quick connection system. The composition of the gun head is made of technical polymer.

The atomization, unlike other spraying systems, creates micro-droplets and allows the application of the disinfectant on large surfaces with minimal liquid consumption. The device is equipped with a high performance, light and compact compressor. In addition, it is equipped with a pressure gauge and a digital pressure regulator.

If you spray on a surface at a distance of less than 1.5 metres or if you insist on spraying the same surface, the liquid may accumulate on the treated surface and require manual drying. If you wish to increase the size of the micro-droplets diffused by the gun you must reduce the pressure of the compressor. Conversely, if you want to produce finer micro-droplets, simply increase the pressure of the compressor.

The surfaces on which the liquid is applied must be clean and dry to guarantee the effectiveness of the disinfectant.

The aquama® compact Atomizer was developed to meet safety and durability requirements. We invite you to read the manual carefully and watch the videos available on our website or on your aquama® application. These instructions will allow you to better understand the use of your machine and to keep it as long as possible.

We hope that our aquama® solutions will bring you complete satisfaction.

Solution Standards*:

TP02 / TP03 / TP04

  • EN 1650: condition of cleanliness
  • EN 1276: condition of cleanliness
  • EN 13624: condition of cleanliness
  • EN 14476: dirty condition
  • EN 17126: dirty condition
  • EN 13727: dirty condition


  • EN 1500: hand disinfection
  • CHZN3975 / CHZN5805: Authorizations from the Federal Office of Public Health for the disinfection of surfaces in the private sec­tor, public health, as well as any field of professional and general public use.
  • CHZN6423: Authorization from the Federal Office of Public Health for the disinfection of surfaces and hands.

*As standards may change, the application or website are kept up to date. More information on

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Product Details

Data sheet

10.3 kg (without accessories) / 12.6 kg (with bar, stand and wheels)
Charging time
2 – 3 hours
Voltage / Current
230 V, 50Hz
20 x 36 x 29 cm
Adjustable pressure
1– 9 bar / 14 – 130 PSI
0.6 KW
Air production
65 l/min
AC100 240 V, 50-60 Hz
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