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Freedom S®: Portrait of a hygiene star

Posted on07/28/2020

The new coronavirus crisis has put hygiene back in the spotlights. The latest machine made by aquama®, the Freedom S®, has everything to appeal to private individuals and small companies alike: it does not pollute and needs only water, a pinch of salt and a bit electricity to operate. Keep on reading, more exciting details below.

Just like our big machine Freedom® Pure, our small Freedom S® also produces a fully biodegradable detergent and disinfectant solution in just a few minutes. But the big advantage of the small machine is that it will accompany you everywhere you go, because it is very compact, 26.4 cm high and with a 7 cm diameter, it weighs only 315 grams. It reloads via USB cable and produces the aquama® solution for you whenever you want and wherever you may be: in a hotel, in your office, at home or even in your car.

No more need to equip yourself with an arsenal of dangerous cleaning liquids. All you need is salt, water and electricity. The hydrolysis process is totally safe and known since ancient Egypt! It consists of decomposing water (H2O) into oxygen (O) and hydrogen (H) by means of an electric current. The resulting merciless bacteria killer called chlorine was first isolated in 1807 by a British physicist and chemist, Sir Humphry Davy.

Today, it takes only three minutes (depending on the level of disinfection desired) to obtain a perfectly cleansing solution which will replace 70 to 80% of all your usual chemical products and clean all there is to be cleaned: hands, toilets, office furniture or home facilities, from floor to ceiling, including windows, dishes and even toys or mobile phones, without harming the environment nor any health hazards for your family members. Only metals that are not rust-proof may run the risk of corrosion.

To obtain the basic cleansing solution, simply mix a spoonful of aquama® salt with 200 ml of water (mineral or from the tap) and pour it into the spray bottle, close the lid, and shake it four or five times to completely dissolve the salt. Then start the machine: a blue light will indicate that the hydrolysis process is in progress. Three minutes later, the light will go out and your solution will be ready for use. The more you activate it, the more disinfecting power it has. To get a viricidal solution that neutralizes coronaviruses, all you have to do is add two spoonful’s of salt and activate your solution four times, which will allow you to eliminate 99.99% of the bacteria on any surface to be cleaned (process certified by the Federal Office of Public Health). The solution kills all bacteria from candida albicans and escherichia to staphylococcus aureus as well as the new number one enemy of mankind, the coronaviruses.


The Freedom S® comes with a USB cable, a measuring spoon, an aquama® salt jar and a fully detailed user guide. Price: CHF 139.–