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Back to school: 5 hints for a perfectly clean home!

Posted on08/21/2020

Cleaning can change our lives according to Marie Kondo, the pro in tidying-up and founder of the world-famous KonMari method: «A spectacular reorganization of our home brings about dramatic changes in our lifestyle and outlook on life». How about getting off on the right foot with the start of the new school year just around the corner? Here are 5 hints on how to clean up your home with the help of aquama®!

  1.     If you intend to disinfect your home, then why not do so with the right product!

You are all set, fully motivated and have worked out your best cleaning schedule. But in fact, what does one start off with? With the right products, or rather with THE right product: aquama®! This way you can be sure that your home will be completely disinfected, clean and protected from all viruses without harming your health! Due to Covid-19, the trend is towards deep cleaning with all the risks that this entails by using conventional disinfectants: most of them are dangerous for our respiratory tract and mucous membranes. In comparison, aquama® is 100 times more powerful than bleach, and fully bactericidal and viricidal as well: it is your best ally for safe and ecological cleaning. Are you in the habit of cleaning your home with baking soda or of disinfecting objects by using white vinegar? The aquama® Indigo solution has been tested and retested and it has always come out as a winner: water, salt, electricity – for greatest efficiency!To be sure to get rid of all viruses, activate the aquama® solution several times so your whole family stays protected at all times!

2. When cleaning your bathroom, get rid of mold!

Despite regular cleaning of your bathroom, do you notice traces of mold starting to grow? You are not the only one! According to the FOPH, almost one in five homes in Switzerland and other European countries are affected by dampness and mold problems. The larger the household surfaces affected, the greater the health risk, ranging from simple eye irritations to chronic bronchitis – even more dangerous during Covid-19.

How can one get rid of mold with a good natural disinfectant? If you only have small marks on your joints or ceilings, simply spray the aquama® Indigo solution directly onto the mold. Leave it on for 15 minutes, wipe off and repeat the process. Are your moldy surfaces too big? Dilute the solution 50% in water, wipe with a sponge soaked in the antibacterial liquid, let stand, then wipe with a cloth and repeat as many times as necessary.

3. When sanitizing your kitchen, we suggest you proceed as follows

You surely love the great smell of good homemade dishes... But not so much the one that comes out of your oven when you preheat it, right? With all the spatters from cooking, grease tends to give your oven a nasty brownish color... It is high time to clean it. No small matter, you may say! Do not panic, with aquama® Indigo you are now well equipped to make your oven as good as new before the start of the school year and the season of homemade cakes. Due to its degreasing and disinfecting action, aquama® Indigo is particularly effective on baking trays, ventilation hoods and the inside of ovens. Our customers say: one swipe of aquama® Indigo and all gets shiny again! «I have tested aquama® and really enjoy it. [...] I degreased the hood in no time at all! [...] For the induction cooker, leave aquama® on for one or two minutes and wipe it off with household paper: it's as shiny as can be», says ytteb on the Qoqa blog. The effectiveness of the solution has also been confirmed by many restaurants that use it every day to clean their kitchens: the famous Auberge of Père Bise in Annecy, the Café du Peintre and the Café Terroir in Lyon...

4. Bedrooms, what does one start off with?

Did you know that at the age of 80, you will have spent 27 years of your life sleeping? Impressive indeed! That reminds us of the importance of our bedrooms. Cleaning them before school starts again is in fact a good idea! And it is even a better idea doing it with a natural disinfectant to ensure that you rest in a healthy room. Disinfect from top to bottom: the dusty light fixtures first; then the handles and the inside of your wardrobe; followed by the shelves and decorating objects on them; then the head part and the frame of your bed, and do not forget to go behind and underneath as well; then the doors, the handles and the skirting boards! With your aquama® Indigo disinfectant and bactericide solution, you will finish the job in a jiffy! And as you are already at it, why not clean and disinfect the children's room as well. aquama® Indigo is the ideal solution for parents. The solution is perfectly suited for cleaning toys and is perfectly harmless in case it is swallowed or gets into contact with skin and eyes. This is the reason why hundreds of nurseries are in favor of this solution!

5. Cellar, dressing room and garage: completely dust-free!

After disinfecting the surfaces of your living rooms, clean those in which you store your things! Sort out the cellar, the dressing room, and the garage as well. Put away whatever you no longer need, like the swimsuits for example and take out the things you shall need in autumn. But first, purify and get rid of viruses and bacteria! aquama® is effective on all water compatible surfaces, removes dust and grease, repels unpleasant odors and is non-corrosive: it is safe to use in the basement, dressing room and garage! In addition to being your best ally for an environmentally friendly and healthy household, the aquama® Indigo solution is also the best way to prepare your home and kids for the new school year!

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