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«Making more environmental-friendly products accessible to our customers is our duty.»

Posted on04/26/2021

Walco Technique de Nettoyage SA, a company specialized in cleaning technologies, with production facilities in Sion and Martigny in the Swiss canton of Valais, develops and produces cleaning and care products for all kinds of companies and industries, as well as for the public sector. Their aim is Swiss quality and efficiency. The commitment that this enterprise has in common with aquama® is spurred by the search for environmental-friendly cleaning solutions which are then to be found accordingly in their product catalogue. Interview in 10 questions with Franck Jollien, Head of Technology, Sales and Training at Walco Technique de Nettoyage SA. 

How did you discover aquama®? 

Franck Jollien: I first discovered aquama® when I was looking for alternative, environmental-friendly products. I obviously gave the preference to a Swiss product. An expert in air and surface bio-disinfection had previously told me about aquama®. 


Your company specializes in the development and manufacture of cleaning products in the field of cleaning technology. Why have you added the aquama® solution to your product range, which you already market on your own? 

FJ: To meet the demand of our customers, who are increasingly looking for alternatives to conventional chemical products, but without any loss in efficiency. 


Is ecology an issue that is becoming more and more important in your industry? 

FJ: Yes absolutely, and to an increasing extent. Everyone does cleaning, day in and day out, with chemical sanitizing agents and a lot of household paper. That is why we are constantly striving to improve our products and make them more efficient. To remain competitive, we must comply with the new legal standards as well. It is also quite important to best train our teams that use our solutions to ensure that they apply the correct product mix and the right cleaning techniques... We work as much as possible with environmental-friendly suppliers who use recycled plastic or rely on water savings. 


Can you name 5 good reasons why one should use aquama® for cleaning?

FJ: There are far more than just 5 reasons! aquama® is a universal cleaning detergent and disinfecting solution that is easy to use and with absolutely no risk whatsoever for our health and environment. What is more, there is no need to keep any supplies, it is cost-effective, very efficient, and easy to produce anytime anywhere. In addition, it is not subject to the so-called VOC tax, levied as a financial incentive to reduce volatile organic compound emissions. 


For which customers and purposes do you specifically recommend the aquama® solution? 

FJ: For households in general, and the public sector as well, such as schools, hotels, restaurants, clinics, leisure centres and athletes. Furthermore, for the cleaning industry, such as the car rental and aviation industries... 


Were you reluctant in the beginning about aquama® or did you have any doubts about its efficiency before using the solution for the first time? 

FJ: No, I had no bias about the product at all. Before giving an opinion on anything, one should get familiar with it first. 


How did you tell your employees about aquama®? 

FJ: I suggested aquama® to them simply as an environmental-friendly disinfectant and cleaning solution that is not only efficient, but also easy to use. 


Why did you decide to provide people with a self-service aquama® machine? 

FJ: Offering our customers more environmental-friendly products is a matter of duty nowadays. With the help of aquama® machines, the cleaning solution one needs can be easily produced anywhere anytime, there is no need for storage as production is done instantaneously on site without having to resort to logistics or transport, which is particularly important. 


The aquama® machine has been available to customers of Walco Technique de Nettoyage SA for some time now... How are things going? Have you already received feedback from users? 

FJ: All customers are very enthusiastic because they now have access to a product that no longer smells bad, which is absolutely harmless to our health and environment alike, and that does not irritate the skin. In addition, it is very efficient and economical, and the spray bottles are reusable, meaning there is no more waste at all. 


How do you assess the future of aquama®? 

FJ: I believe that this type of environmental-friendly and natural product will be used more and more in future times. Admittedly, there will also be many attempts to imitate this unique cleaning solution! 

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