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Operation healthy home: how to choose the right detergent?

Posted on05/12/2021

Detergents are everywhere: our cupboards are full of them and we all use them to clean our home sweet home, but do we really know what they contain? Detergents with their surfactants make it indeed much easier to remove dirt, but they can also be harmful because they contain chemicals that are hazardous to our health and to that of our children or pets. So, what is the best way to choose the right detergents?

European regulations define detergents as "any mixtures intended for cleaning / washing and include their auxiliary products (cleaning agents, soaps, etc.)". They are commonly considered to be any substances that remove grease and dirt from the surfaces of our furniture, floors, walls, windows, etc. However, they can be dangerous for our own health and the environment as well.

Ecological detergents vs conventional detergents

In 2016, the French association 60 millions de consommateurs dealing with consumer protection issues already drew the public's attention to more than 70 household products commonly used for cleaning dishes, laundry, or toilets, as nearly half of them contained "irritating and corrosive products, or even allergens that can cause rhinitis, asthma and eczema.”

How would you react if you knew that the detergents you currently use to clean your house and home were, in fact, increasing the indoor and outdoor pollution ten times more and even a health hazard to yourself and your family? Many people therefore decide to switch to ecological products, which nowadays make up for about 5% of all detergents sold on the market... And this percentage is constantly rising. But green washing ads can be a pain in the neck, because the marketing slogans tend to give people a misleading image of the products' real ecological aspect.

Finally, to be sure you use a truly ecological detergent, the "home-made" solution is your best bet. Lemon, white vinegar, soda bicarbonate... Used separately or combined, these natural key ingredients are all totally safe. However, all newcomers who dared to challenge the aquama® cleaning solution lost the battle (the proof is evidenced on our blog!)

aquama®, the detergent featuring 5 benefits

1. A thrifty detergent

Multi-purpose, the aquama® solution allows you to get rid of 9 out of 10 of all your detergent products. The aquama® cleanser can be easily made at home: with only a little water and a pinch of salt inside your aquama® machine, the return on investment is very quick and also good for your health. Did you ever imagine that making your own detergent would be possible by simply mixing water, salt and electricity and that a litre of this detergent would cost you only 39 pennies?

2. An all-around detergent

Be it your bathroom tiles, your kitchen sink, or your living-room floors: your home-made aquama® cleaning solution, used with a microfibre cloth, is your ideal ally for making surfaces as shiny as can be. And the good news is that it can be used on all water-resistant surfaces. If you use aquama® to clean your toilet or sink, no need to worry about ecology in case it gets into your pipes because aquama® is a totally eco-friendly solution made up of just water and a bit of salt, activated by electricity. So, no threat, no worries!

3. An ecologically responsible detergent

Unlike most industrial cleaning products, sold in non-recyclable packaging, aquama® does not contain any chemicals and comes in a limitlessly reusable spray bottle. By making your own aquama® detergent, you are committing yourself to ecology and significantly reducing your waste production.

4. A no-allergen detergent

As mentioned above, aquama® is just made up of water and salt. Thanks to its patented stabilized hydrolysis process, the solution you produce with your own machine in a few minutes' time is no more than a 100% alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and endocrine-disruptor-free detergent. Any contact with the skin or eyes is no problem whatsoever! The solution can even be used on your children's teats, drink bottles and toys as well as on any products intended for your pets.

5. A virucidal as well as bactericidal detergent

Here is just one more argument to definitely convince you that aquama® is the ideal cleaning soluton: it is effective against various types of viruses, including Covid-19! The solution meets the European bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal standards. Not only can you clean your whole house with aquama®, but you can also use it to disinfect your hands. Does that convince you? Come and visit our online shop to test your new favourite detergent!

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