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3 hints for perfectly clean dishes on Christmas eve!

Posted on12/08/2020

Who would not want to spend a merry Christmas party with shiny dishware on the festive table and afterwards have spotlessly clean pots and pans in the kitchen? aquama® is best when it comes to cleaning, disinfecting, and getting rid of grease. Here are three tips for a cheerful and virus-free Christmas Eve!

The very essence of Christmas is to make your loved ones happy, cook good food and prepare a festive table with fancy dishware. This year, however, Covid-19 obliges us to make hygiene a priority on Christmas Eve, so that we end up by having only good things to talk about and remember afterwards. aquama® is the ideal solution for keeping the kitchen and dining room as clean and as healthy as can be. What is more, it can easily be made at home by means of the aquama® Freedom S® bottle, currently available in the online shop. This way, you will never run out of the 100% natural and fully biodegradable aquama® cleaning solution, which replaces up to 90% of traditional products generally used in households for cleaning purposes. Simply fill the bottle with water and natural Indigo© salt (or booster salt for even more detergent power) and then press the button to produce an effective disinfectant solution in just a few minutes to fight against flu viruses, influenza and coronaviruses. You can clean any water-resistant surface with it and get rid of annoying smudges, even the greasiest ones! Here are 3 tips for ABSO-LUTE-LY spotless dishware!

1st hint: No more tiresome washing up!

Christmas is the ideal occasion to use fine dishware, crystal glasses and silver cutlery. After the meal however, you cannot just put it all in the dishwasher, because fine porcelain wants to be hand washed. aquama® is the safest way to keep even most delicate dishware clean due to its natural and non-corrosive features! No need to waste litres of water and tons of soap for effective cleaning of greasy pots and pans. The aquama® detergent, disinfectant and degreaser solution is highly effective on all water-resistant surfaces. Spray some aquama® on the empty dishes and use a soft cloth (or the aquama® microfibre with its rugged double outer mesh) to wipe them clean. Giving dishware a quick wipe before setting the festive table is no problem even without rinsing them afterwards, as aquama® is totally safe when used in contact with food. aquama® is best for perfectly disinfected dishware.

2nd hint: Removing grease is no toil with aquama®

Does cooking the turkey in the oven imply hard work getting rid of greasy stains afterwards? By no means! Grease, stubborn stains, or even smudges of gravy burnt-in on the bottom of the frying pan are no big deal thanks to aquama®. The solution is ready to use in the Indigo® Revelation pack and makes degreasing dishes without any scratches as easy as pie: just spray some solution on the dirty surface and then wipe it clean with a soft cloth. aquama® is best for spotless pots and pans.

3rd hint: Always keep your hands clean as well!

What is the point of disinfecting dishes if they are then handled with mucky fingers? aquama® is a 100% natural cleaning solution and will disinfect your hands in a jiffy due to its strong virucidal features. Before setting the table and changing cutlery or plates, a quick spray of a bit aquama® solution on your hands ensures uncompromising cleanliness at a low cost.

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