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And aquama® invented ecological hydrolysis!

Posted on11/16/2020

In order to produce an environmentally friendly, economical, efficient and absolutely safe cleaning and disinfection solution, aquama® resorts to hydrolysis. Does this word ring a bell? If not, don't worry! Here's a short explanation: it is a chemical process as old as time. 

Detergent, disinfectant, virucidal, biodegradable... aquama® is all in one as well as the ideal product to make your home and office premises as clean as can be. Especially now during November since Covid-19 is back again along with the usual seasonal viruses such as influenza and gastroenteritis.

A highly efficient all-in-one product

To clean your home and office, don't refrain from giving up the countless bottles, sprays and other traditional detergents that are most likely to cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems due to the chemical scents and solvents they contain. Prefer instead the all-in-one aquama® product when cleaning water-resistant surfaces, be it junior's pacifier or the home or office floors. Due to its antibacterial features certified by the Swiss Federal Office of Health, the aquama® cleansing solution will not only neutralise up to 99.99% of all micro-organisms including bacteria, bacilli, salmonella, legionella, mould etc., but what is more, it has an alkaline (i.e. neutral) pH value. Free of hazards to our environment, it is 100% biodegradable as well.

Since 2013, aquama® combines durability, efficiency and thrift. The inventor, Willy Lionel Pomathios, had to struggle with people's prejudice: "The first steps were all but easy in order to make people understand that it is very well possible to replace chemical products with a modern cleansing solution just made up of water, a pinch of salt and electricity provided by a machine easy to use at home and in the office". The process itself is called hydrolysis and is as old as the world. All you need is an aquama® innovation machine allowing you to produce the cleansing solution yourself at home or at work.

An age-old process

Cathode, anode, pyrolysis, hydrolysis... Do these words sound like your first chemistry lessons in school? Hydrolysis is nothing more than the process used for decomposing water (H2O) into oxygen (O2) and hydrogen (H) by the means of electric current. This principle combines water, salt and electricity and has been known since the times of ancient Egypt (especially galvanisation) but was first stabilised in the year 1800 by two British scientists: William Nicholson and Sir A. Carlisle. In 1807, another chemist, Sir Humphry Davy, isolated chlorine, an inexhaustible and ecologically hazard-free bactericide resulting from this process. Developed by numerous researchers, the aquama® technology consists in fact of an activation process for which much research and development work was necessary, involving biochemistry and biophysics professors, engineers and technicians, all aiming at the same goal: replacing most of the chemical products we use daily for cleaning and disinfecting home and office premises with a totally new biodegradable solution. aquama® is the first company in the world to market a product derived from hydrolysis and which is both a detergent and a disinfectant. This new solution, obtained simply by using water, salt and electricity, can best replace 70 to 80% of conventional detergents and disinfectants. This is the solution we have all been waiting for!

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