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Falcon S, combining elegance with innovation made by aquama®

Posted on07/01/2021

After the Falcon R® in 2017, the Freedom® in 2018, the Hogeron® in 2019, the Freedom S® and the Falcon R® VRB in 2021, now discover your new daily ally: The Falcon S® with a sleek design, elegant lines and the proven effectiveness of hydrolysis. Enjoy all the expertise of aquama® without even leaving your home. The era of circular disinfection is at your doorstep.

The Falcon S® is not only efficient as such, but a very decorative object as well due to its refined look and metallic curves that perfectly blend with the transparency of glass.

A proven concept 

What is the principle? The same as the one that made aquama® successful since the very start: water, salt and electricity put together via hydrolysis make a detergent, disinfectant and virucide solution which is efficient on nearly all surfaces. With aquama®, you can discard 90% of the conventional household cleaning products that tend to fill up cupboards. Perfectly hygienic, it is certified by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health for its effectiveness against influenza viruses and coronaviruses such as Covid-19, of course.

A futuristic look

Due to its innovative design and reduced dimensions (15 cm deep and 30 cm wide), the new Falcon S® can be displayed anywhere in your home in an easily accessible place. Its logo shows directly on the frame and its metallic colours also make it a decorative object combining elegance and discretion.

The very rugged monobloc aluminium carter, made up of a minimum of parts to reduce the CO2 output, has visible tanks allowing you to check the remaining amount of water and salt. The opposite side of the machine provides space for aquama® recipients, either the brand-new aluminium container or the usual plastic spray bottles.

Fully geared by the aquama® application

What is new about the Falcon S®? All the controls are geared by the new aquama® application allowing to generate detergent and disinfectant solutions upon request. After nearly three years of research and due to the totally new system patented by aquama®, functioning via smartphone, this machine model will produce the exact amount of solution required, featuring the precise disinfection power needed. A real world first event for a hydrolysis system!

Any other goodies? Its low energy consumption, because only a few hundred watts are required to make it work, an energy saving feature which is perfectly in line with the eco-responsible values of aquama®. The company’s founder, Willy Lionel Pomathios, is convinced that the Falcon S®, which combines technical innovation and modern design, is a mere glimpse of «what future aquama® solutions will be like».

The Falcon S made by aquama®

Delivery expected by the end of 2022 – illimited – CHF 777. – VAT included.

Delivery expected during May–June 2022 – 777 units – CHF 1’200. – VAT included.

Delivery expected early December 2021 – 18 units – CHF 2’500.– VAT included.