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Experience a day with aquama®: join the disinfecting routine!

Posted on08/16/2021

Water, salt, and electricity ... That's all you need to clean and disinfect your home sweet home as well as all the objects you are in the habit of using day-in day-out. Say good-bye to harmful products and plastic cans that clutter up your cupboards! Welcome the one and only eco-responsible, economical and anti-waste solution made by aquama® based on hydrolysis. Discover our unique cleaning solution which doesn’t present any health hazards at all, neither for you nor for the planet! Follow us during one whole day and see how aquama® works miracles!

7 a.m.: The alarm clock just rang, and we’re all set to start the day. First, we clean the bathroom with its enamelled bathtub, metallic taps, smooth tiles on the wall and on the floor with the aquama® solution to make everything super shiny due to its detergent power. The toilet, its bowl and flush button are also perfectly disinfected thanks to the bactericidal power of aquama®. Mirrors and windows are free of fingerprints and toothpaste splashes! Keeping everything perfectly clean is as easy as pie: just dilute 1/3 of the aquama® solution in 2/3 of water and wipe smudges away with a micro-fibre cloth.

On the long run, toothbrushes and make-up utensils also tend to be real germ nests, so we disinfect them as well regularly. In fact, all a toothbrush needs to stay clean is a little bit of spray with aquama® solution: just let it act a few moments and your brush will be as hygienic as can be. You can also let it soak overnight in a small glass filled with a bit of the aquama® solution and diluted half-half with some water. Then rinse it thoroughly the next morning and your toothbrush will be as clean as the first day you bought it. Sanitizing make-up accessories is even much easier: all you need to do is spray them first with some aquama® and then rinse it off.

8 a.m.: Now it’s time to head to the kitchen for a yummy breakfast, but oh my goodness! The waste bin got smelly because we forgot to empty it the day before. Thanks to aquama® and its disinfectant and bactericidal effect, such bad odours are quickly eliminated. All you need to do is clean the bin with aquama® by spraying especially the bottom part to deodorise it and finish. But then, when you come to think of it, there is also the fridge which tends to be a source of bad smells. Disinfecting it with aquama® is done in a jiffy and with zero health hazards, because its formula does not present any risk whatsoever in the event of contact with food. aquama® is also ideal for cleaning and degreasing dishwashers, hobs, extractor hoods and all other kitchen utensils and accessories.

10 a.m.: Now it's time to do some office work! Computers, tablets, smartphones, keyboards, screens… in fact there is nothing that one cannot clean with aquama® because our solution is non-corrosive and anti-bacterial, so you can disinfect all your digital tools in one single go. Simply spray the aquama® onto a micro-fibre or any other suitable cloth and then clean all you have on your desk thoroughly.

Noon: Lunch is ready and looks yummy. But while helping yourself with the food you cooked, a little bit of the gravy splashed from your plate onto the floor. Don’t worry! aquama® is very efficient on tiles as well as carpets, linoleum and unoiled wooden floors... Thanks to its neutral PH and its non-corrosive formula, aquama® can be used to clean all these surfaces without any risk at all.

4 p.m.: The kids are now back from school. Time to clean up everything that's been lying around all day long: bottles, toys, school bags and notebooks… aquama® is best for cleaning the belongings of the whole family, especially those of your youngsters. The aquama® solution does not contain any chemicals and is safe on our skin and if it gets in touch with our eyes and even in the unlikely event of ingestion. aquama® is also free of allergens and endocrine disruptors.

6 p.m.: Time for some sport activities! Whether at home or in the public gym facilities, sports equipment must be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis, as it is often used in a humid environment. You can take along the 100% environmentally friendly aquama® solution with you anywhere and everywhere you go and thus keep your complete sports gear clean and tidy by a simple spray and wipe. That’s all it takes!

8 p.m.: The day is done, but the sun is still shining. How about having a barbecue for dinner? Before lighting the fire, it is best to clean your barbecue first thoroughly to eliminate any cooking and grease residues and to sanitize the metal grill grid before having fresh meat, fish or vegetables sizzling on it. Simply use aquama® to clean, degrease and disinfect all cooking utensils without any health hazards even if used on surfaces that are likely to get in contact with food.

From morning to night, the aquama® solution is simply ideal and very easy to use for keeping all your belongings in perfect hygienic conditions, safe for you and the planet as well!